Calling Cards
There are many uses today for telephone calling cards. Some of them are for employees, sales people, field agents, students, vacationers, and people who need to be able to communicate.
Our Winners Circle card like the rest of our products is easy to use.


  • Unrivaled reliability. Use it 24/7/365
  • Absolutely Free. No monthly minimums, service charges, or fees. Pay only for the time that you use.
  • Multiple calling feature. No need to re-enter codes.
  • Call a toll free number. For easy access.
  • Call from anywhere in the United States. Access to over 240 countries worldwide.
  • Call from most countries. To the United States or other foreign countries.
  • No setup fee's or surcharges on domestic calls. (Most companies add a surcharge). Calls from pay phones do carry a surcharge which is paid to the owner of the pay phone.
  • Monthly itemized bill. All calls and charges detailed on your monthly Quick-Tel bill.
  • Competitive pricing.