Local Toll Calls

Local toll calls are those that are 17 miles and further from your calling location.

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Long Distance

All long distance calls can be handled by Quick-Tel. We offer high quality, monthly savings, and the good service.

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We can help you with all of your international calling needs. Whether its calling abroad or making calls from out of the country we have a program that fit all of your needs exactly.

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Toll Free

There are currently four toll free codes. 800, 888, 877, and the new one 866. 855 will be introduced later in the year. Toll free numbers are one way to help your customers eazily reach you.

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Toll Free access Voice Mail

Cost of toll free access voice mail is $24.95 per month. It's billed on our monthly phone bill. This includes 250 minutes of toll free calls and a toll free access number. Minutes over 250 are billed at .15 cents per minute. Most of our customers never go over the 250 minutes.

Sub Mail Boxes

You can have as many toll free sub mail boxes as you need. Each sub box is at $9.95 each. (i.e.) For sales press 1. For accounting press 2. For tech support press 3. For general information press 4.

Pager or Cell Phone Notification

Pager or cell phone notification is $4.95 If you need more than one notification it is $4.95 for each additional box.

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Pagers are available for any geographical location that you need.

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 Data Lines

If you need a data line Quick-Tel can help. We provide data lines for almost any need that you may have. If you need several locations to talk with each other or need to directly communicate with a customer we can help.

Frame Relay T-1 or T-3's
Direct Internet Access Private Line

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