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In today’s business world, a modern communications system is vital. The modern communications platform can help people juggle their responsibilities, even when it comes to managing technology-related tasks like installing new lines or updating systems in place already.

Small businesses want to learn about and adopt phone systems that will allow them to integrate their communications. Boosting your business should be one of the top priorities for any small-business owner.

What are Phone Systems for Small Businesses?

A phone system is a complex network of interconnected telephones that allow for advanced features such as call handling and transferring, conference calling, metering calls between multiple people or companies with private voice message boxes.

Why do Small Businesses Need Phone Systems?

The digital age has changed everything. People are doing business in a completely new way, collaborating and interacting more efficiently than ever before to create an amazing experience for customers.

Here are a few of the reasons why your small business will benefit from having a phone system:

  • Business phones systems have a way of projecting an impressive professional presence. Even if you are little, seeming like a pro may open many doors for you. A cloud phone system can quickly and simply route calls to the appropriate individuals, set up automated assistants, and use pro-level voicemail and call notifications to keep track of client demands.
  • You can safeguard the privacy of your business information and data when you use a phone system. A cloud-based business phone system enables you to manage who contacts you when and where, while also protecting your proprietary information from being lost.


Best Small Business Phone Systems

Here are the 7 Best Small Business Phone Systems for 2022. Choose from the best of the best to enhance your business communication and customer service experiences.


1. RingCentral  

The Ring Central phone system is a powerful yet easy-to-use phone system. It’s known for its innovative and cutting-edge technology, which is integrated into this secure cloud-hosted communication solution. The best features of this phone include call monitoring, forwarding, and recording calls. It also offers video meeting conferencing for increased productivity.

2. Nextiva

Nextiva is one of the most reliable phone systems. They offer outstanding features like unlimited calling, auto-attendant, and more to keep your team productive while also satisfying customers with advanced call management tools.

Their customer care team is available 24/7 to help with any difficulties you might face. Their essential plan starts from $23.95 a month for each user, making it one of the easiest phone systems to set up.

3. Ooma Office Phone

Ooma is a great alternative to the traditional landline phone for your business. It has affordable 1-800 toll-free numbers, features that assure every customer call coming in or going out from your office will be crystal clear with quality voice delivery – even under extreme conditions.

Ooma is a company dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. It protects and supports both you and your consumers by ensuring that your staff and customers are the main focus of your business.

4. Dialpad

Dialpad is a business phone system that’s ranked #2 in 2021 that offers different ways to connect your team with their customers. It also provides an assortment of cloud-based products centered on communication in the workplace, including APIs which provide cell data and user management features for Dialpad users.

Dialpad offers three plan options available to choose from. The basic plan costs $20 a month, the professional plan costs $30 a month, and the business plan requires that you contact Dialpad.

6. Grasshopper

If you’re looking for great phone service and virtual communications systems, look no further than Grasshopper. You can use their services if your business is already established or just starting.

With grasshopper, you can use your phone or computer to make calls with no restrictions. As a small business owner yourself it is easy for the company to help focus on what matters most-your success.

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7. 8×8

The 8X8 phone system has a cloud-based, unified communication that will solve all of your business’s miscommunications.  It offers a customizable call management system that allows you to track calls and manage your business’s tasks. You can get an 8×8 phone service system for as low a price of $25 per month and you have several plans available to choose from.

You take your company to the next level when you offer staff with characteristics that encourage interaction. Your business phone is a key differentiator. Because it influences sales, marketing, operations, and customer service, your office phone may be the greatest technology investment you’ve ever made. As a result, after taking a look at some of the top phone systems on the market, you should select one that best fits your company’s requirements and get started.

Do You Need a Business Phone Systems Provider You Can Trust?

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