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The History of Victorville, California

Victorville is a city located in San Bernardino County, California, in the Victor Valley. Its population was 115,903 as of the 2010 census.


Victorville was incorporated as a city under general law on September 21, 1962. The population was about 8,110 at the time, and the land area was 9.7 square miles. Since then, with current population figures of 125,000 and ground mass of 74.16 square miles, our City has experienced tremendous growth.

Victorville’s history goes back more than 100 years prior to incorporation, when the first settlers of European descent arrived.

Early Beginnings: 1885 – 1889

The town was known as Victor in about 1885. It was named after the superintendent of construction for the California Southern Railroad, Jacob Nash Victor (Santa Fe Railroad). As a consequence of the original railroad station built about one mile northwest of the narrows of the Mojave River, the town was founded. The Plan of the Town of Victor was prepared on January 18, 1886, which established the original town’s grid pattern. A land between “A” Street through “G” Street and First Street through Eleventh Street was part of this initial subdivision. The area was about 200 acres, or one-third of a square mile.

Shortly after the establishment of the railroad depot, the abundance of good water and the availability of rich bottomlands led to agricultural growth. Large deposits of limestone and granite were discovered around the turn of the century. The cement manufacturing industry has since emerged as the Victor Valley’s single most important industry.

The New Century: 1900 – 1930

In 1901, due to the misunderstanding associated with the community of Victor, Colorado, the community’s name was changed from “Victor” to “Victorville” by the United States Post Office.

1926, in the U.S. Route 66, one of the main arteries of the National Highway System connecting Chicago, Illinois, to California, was created. A portion of this famous highway created a corridor of transport through Victorville, which was unsurpassed before the completion of Interstate 15. A portion of this national highway was Seventh Street and “D” Street.

World War II

Initial construction of Victorville Army Airfield, later renamed George Air Force Base, began during World War II, on July 23, 1941. On May 18, 1943, the base was completed. Two Tactical Fighter Wings of the Tactical Air Command, whose primary aircraft was the F-4 Phantom, supported the base when fully activated. Around 6,000 civilian and military staff were also recruited.

On January 5, 1989, under the Base Closure and Realignment Act, the Secretary of Defense declared the closure of George Air Force Base. On December 15, 1992, the base was deactivated. The old military base was annexed to the city on July 21, 1993 and renamed the Logistics Airport of Southern California.

Old Town Victorville

In the ten square blocks along Historic Route 66, a contentious revitalization project began in 1995. The city, along with input from residents and local business owners, developed an Old Town Strategic Action Plan in 2007 after years of setbacks in developing the Old Town. The demolition of unsafe and dilapidated buildings started in 2008. The statewide termination of the Economic Redevelopment Agencies, which financed the project, put further work on indefinite hold in 2010, as the economy deteriorated. The city also had issues with violence and homelessness as of 2012, and several buildings remain boarded up.

Projects include the Veteran’s Monument, the Route 66 Museum, the Transit Hub, and the Old Victor School, on the intersection of Seventh Street and Forrest Avenue. The sides of buildings in the Old Town have been decorated with many large murals.

Victorville, California prides itself to be near these many must-see sights you don’t want to miss:

  • California Route 66 Museum
  • Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch
  • Mojave Narrows Regional Park
  • Victor Valley Museum & Gallery
  • Sunset Ridge Park
  • Rockview Nature Park
  • Datura Park
  • Adelanto Park
  • Silver Mountain  

All of these wonderful landmarks are located just a short distance from our location located at 15505 West Sand Street Suite 101-A in Victorville! Stop by for a visit anytime!