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Why Is Our Business Landline Quality So Bad? (And What You Can Do About It)

Landline phones are perhaps the oldest, but many businesses are still using it. Landlines can provide a reliability and voice consistency that cell phones can’t always achieve. Some companies may be located in areas where cellphone reception or broadband access are not good. In case something goes wrong with a cell, a landline can also be used as a replacement or additional telephone. Older companies may also be familiar with it. 

Your clients and staff shouldn’t face poor call quality, like muddled audio, static, voice delays, and unforeseen calls. This interrupts not only client relationships, but also in your own company. If your employees can’t engage with consumers in this small chance, you can lose revenue strongly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Landlines for Businesses


  • Serviceability: Conventional landline phones are highly reliable. Since this connection uses wires, your service cannot be counted on or spotted. This can be vital for companies, both in order to increase productivity and because clients can reach you regularly. In addition, telephones tend to remain workable or be repaired more rapidly than the Internet when a natural tragedy or poor weather strikes, so that down times can be lessened for your business.
  • Consistent quality: A landline phone can provide significantly improved sound and call quality without dropping out calls if you have an unstable Internet service.


  • Innovation: In several areas, the globe moves away from traditional and analog technologies and phone service is no exception. It is always growing increasingly a necessary practice to make a call almost anywhere in the world. Landline phones do not allow this, which may limit your business capabilities.
  • Higher charges: Landlines are more costly than VoIP systems, particularly if you add functions such as voicemail, call-waiting and caller identification. Landlines are also taxable and supplementary fees, which further increase costs.
  • Spam Calls: You are more likely for online spam calls than on VoIP or mobile numbers. Although telemarketers do not have to call you on your mobile phone technologically, there are no such regulations on landlines.

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